• Chruch of Santiago

    Iglesia de Santiago, Calle Santiago, Écija, Spain .

    The church of Santiago is located in the Plaza de Santiago. It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest as a Historic-Artistic Monument since 1983. It is the canonical seat of the Brotherhood of Santiago, or of the Students

  • Church of the Concepacion

    Iglesia de la Concepción "El Hospitalito", Calle Conde, Écija, Spain .

    Founded in 1592 and belonged to the hospital of that dedication. The façade is in the Renaissance style and has a main altarpiece from the 17th century, with Solomonic columns as the dominant element. On the main altar, the Immaculate Conception is venerated and next to it is the devout image of Jesús del Mayor Dolor, by Lorenzo Cano. In the side altarpieces there are 17th century paintings.

  • Church of Santa María

    Parroquia de Santa María, Plaza Plazvela de Santa María, Écija, Spain .

    The current building, dating from the 18th century, was built on an old Mudejar temple from the 16th and 17th centuries. Its interesting archaeological collection stands out, with pieces from different times and cultures. An exceptional piece is the marble sculpture of a head of "Germanicus" from Roman times.

  • Historical Center

    Écija, Spain .

    Écija's stately past has bequeathed us a city dominated by its grandiose towers and Baroque domes. Its monumental area invites the visitor to stroll through its squares and streets, and enter its palaces, churches, convents like the Church of San Juan Bautista, the Convent of Morocco, the Church of the Barefoot. To admire one of the most important artistic centers in Andalusia.

  • Church of San Juan

    Iglesia de San Juan, Plaza San Juan, Écija, Spain .

    The Church of San Juan Bautista is located in "Plaza de San Juan". It is one of the oldest religious buildings in the city, and stands out for its beautiful tower which can be accessed.